Resume layout and advice

Resume layout is about designing the resume to improve its visual appearance. For this purpose, it is important to spend sufficient time in choosing the proper layout and resume design for presenting your details. Listen to experts on the resume advice for making it more impressive and effective.

The person reviewing your CV will spend less than a minute on your resume and within this short time span your resume should catch the attention of the reviewer. Your CV should contain maximum information about you and highlight your major skills and strengths. It should also have attractive appearance to display professionalism and your candidacy. Resume layout can set you apart from the other candidates and get you noticed.

Resume Layout

There is no single layout to use for drafting a perfect resume. You can choose the layout that can highlight your details properly. There are surely some basic rules for the resume layout that you can follow to draft your details on paper.

  • Leave sufficient space on sides, top and bottom of the page. It can generally be one and half inch
  • Keep sufficient space between the two sections. Possibly, keep two line space between two different sections
  • Use appropriate headings for different sections in resume. If you are capitalizing the heading of one section, maintain the consistency and capitalize the headings of all other sections of equal importance
  • Use single font in the whole CV. It is not recommended to use more than one font when writing the CV details. Use the font that is standard and easy to read. Using the fancy font style may make your resume look unprofessional rather than creative.  
  • Try to finish the resume details within single page. Anything more than two pages should be shortened to two pages by removing unnecessary information and reducing the descriptions of previous jobs
Resume Design

One needs to emphasize on the content of the resume and organize it in a proper manner. The very first thing employers will notice about your resume is the design. The overall appearance of your resume will create an initial impression in the minds of the employers about you. The design of your resume should be decent, clear and easy to scan.

Below are some important things that you can keep in mind to improve the appearance of your resume:

  • The titles and headings of the resume should be used effectively
  • Organize the details in each section in the way that it grabs the attention of the employer
  • The font chosen should be unique throughout the resume. Using two or more fonts for writing resume details will display your unprofessional attitude
  • The CV details must be easy to read and understand. Remember that employer will go through your resume within less than a minute and if the details listed are complicated and difficult to understand, you may lose the opportunity
  • Once you complete writing the details, make sure that it is visually appealing
Keep in mind that the proper resume layout and resume design will highlight your qualifications, skills and other job specific details. Follow the resume advice from experts and make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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