Employers are generally very busy people and they don’t have time to go through all the details in your resume. They will overview the major details and verify your aptness for the particular job. Most employers will spend less than a minute on your resume. Your resume must take hold of the employer’s interest within this short time. For this, it is important to write the details that are exactly expected for the applied job. Possessing the required details and presenting them effectively in your CV will possibly make you the most preferred candidate. For making impact on the employer with your resume, you must know how to write a resume and follow the entire resume advice provided by the professionals when writing it for any particular position.

Resume Skills

Skills in resume are the vital part of any resume. It is most important in the fresher resume. If you are recent graduate, you will not have any job experience to grab the attention of the employer. In this case, your skills will perform this task for you. Presenting the job relevant skills will always be beneficial in getting attention from the employer.

Career objective is the first section in any resume that is generally viewed by the employers. After going through the career objective of the candidate, employer will review the skills. If these skills exactly match the requirement for the applied profile, employer may shortlist you for the interview. Highlight the skills needed for the job. Go through the job advertisement and know the required skills. If you possess these traits, its well and good, but if you don’t hold these skills, you can talk about your existing skills and explain to the employer how these skills can help you in your work.

Highlight your Skills

When writing the resume skills, imagine yourself in the job and see what are the things that you will need for working efficiently.

Power words

Power words or action words will highlight your skills in an effective way. Employers provide these actions words in the job advertisement describing the need for the candidate with so and so skills. Employer will scan your resume for these action words during short listing. Describe the power words to describe your skills in action. The power words are the skills that describe the action you have taken during your job for more accuracy, improvement, or efficiency. Following are some of the action verbs that you can include in your resume:

Reduced, pioneered, systemized, monitored, authored, secured, streamlined, managed, designed, targeted, coached, increased conceptualized  

Resume skills are generally categorized into two types – technical skills and transferable skills

Technical Skills

Technical skills are required when you are applying for the technical jobs. For example, if you are applying for the network administrator position in any company, you must have technical knowledge of the networking topologies, hardware installation, troubleshooting, operating systems, application software, etc.

Transferable Skills

These skills are related to the behavioral and personality aspects of the individual. These include

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Organizational and communication skills
There are many more skills possessed by every individual. When applying for the technical positions, there is no need to list your soft skills as employers will consider that you are already aware of them.

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