Stepping into your professional life brings different experiences – good or bad; that will be cherished or laughed at, once you land your desired job role. During the process, you tend to receive advice from every person you come across. That many mouth and that many advice, holds exceptionally true in this case.

Any job seeker comes across number of suggestions from people and most candidates tend to hold on to every piece of advice received. There is no harm in doing so; rather, it is through these suggestions from veterans that help us to land our desired job roles.

One of the major topics of discussion we come across needs to be the art of good resume writing. You may perhaps know that every resume needs to address particular job role directly in terms of qualification and skills. So, many applicants may prepare summarizing their career related information in different formats.

Targeting some industries may require particular skill sets that may turn out to be of least importance for other job openings. Therefore, almost all candidates do maintain two or three different resume copies.

Looking for job scopes may seem to be very challenging sometime. After facing number of rejections, you may be overwhelmed to apply for some opening that appears to be the best match for you.

It feels great to come across such opportunities, as you are more confident on qualifying the selection process. Amidst all rays of hope, what if, you end up making some unacceptable blunders?

It may happen that you have saved several copies of your profile document and after writing an email application to your employer, you accidentally attach the wrong resume and click on the send icon. The display of the message -” Your message has been sent” makes you realize that you have just provided the wrong resume to your potential employer.

You are shattered and it may seem that the sky is coming, pouring down on you. However, you need to know that this is not the end of your world. You must be delighted to know that this article provides some steps to mend these actions.

Think of alternatives:

Yes, you know you have made a mistake; however, does your employer know about it? Think over this. You may use a generic email id that does not have your name or contact information. Although, this sort of email ids are not recommended, here they can work in your favor.

Frame another email application and send it with the correct resume attached. There is however a remote possibility of this case to occur. Still you need to look for other options.


Recalling emails can be an option for you; provided, you and your employer are using advanced version of Microsoft Outlook and gmail versions. These are by far the two web based email application clients that allow recalling back a sent email.

Gmail has recently developed such features; however, these are not yet popular as compared to Microsoft Outlook. Thus, you can understand the importance of staying upgraded with different technological advancements taking place in and around the world.

Both these solutions work well only when you immediately realize the mistake committed. In the worst scenario, if you are late by a day or two to find out your blunder, there is nothing much you can do about it. You remain with one option of calling the HR manager to ask if you could send a second application. Here you have a fifty – fifty chance of availing opportunities. However this is how you can go about it.

Analyze, Admit and Don't Highlight:

Once you have realized that your mistake is definitely going to come to light sooner or later and there is no way of concealing it; its best to admit it. However, you need to analyze the impact your apology can make.

If the sent resume was meant to address some completely different employer that can be evidently spotted by the name or career summary you provide, there is no point in trying to resolve these issues. As your employer is not going to entertain it.

Again, if you do have some chances of repairing damage, go ahead and do it. However, do not be too apologetic and provide long explanations. Draft a fresh email and mention your apology in the subject line itself. While in the body, simply direct the concerned person to your attachment.

Thus, it is true that where there is a will there definitely comes a way. So it is best that you recheck your job application several times before you send it. However, if you err the next time, do not panic as you are now equipped with tools to rectify your accidental mistakes.  This is a small step to know more about big career growth, after entering into a professional world  you must know these bad email etiquettes here and make your career more successful. All the best!!
7/13/2016 10:38:14 am

During the process, you tend to receive advice from every person you come across. That many mouth and that many advice, holds exceptionally true in this case.


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